By tapping into the soul nature of oils and scents (the very essence of an oil) I create healing , uplifting, sensual, spiritual and vibrational perfumes and oils.

Healing For The Mind, Body & Spirit

I help heal the mind, body and spirit by performing energy healing in the form of Reiki, energy massage, crystal and chakra balancing therapies, I also have a range of scents and jewellery all designed to help improve your life.

Reiki (Soul Engery Healing)

I work on removing the energy blocks that you have to promote self healing and the re-alignment of your soul purpose

Crystal Healing

With my wide knowledge and collection of crystals, I bathe the body, mind and spirit which calms and de-stresses you.

Chakra Alignment & Balancing

Using frequency notes, scents and crystals, I create balance in your system and open you up to your greatest potential

Energy Massage

I perform back and neck massages (using sacred scents and sounds) to remove stale stagnant energy to bring relief. to you.

Aura Cleansing

Using the elements, herbal potions and sacred smoke) to cleanse, clear, purifiy and align the light bodies to give you a magnetic aura.

Beauty Facials

Using my secret recipe of Rose Quartz Crystals and special powders, I will give you a radiant look and glow of attraction.

Because You’re Worth It!

Our busy lives are designed to break down our minds and body with the stress that problems bring. You are worth much more than that. Taking care of yourself means making sure you benefit from treatments that help you to function at full capacity.

Connect With Me


Suite 5, ACAP Resource Centre
17 Claremont, Bradford, BD7 1BG


07914 153489


M-F:  10am – 6pm
S-S: 10am – 2pm