Our emotions play a large part on our well being. Emotions like everything else in life is energy frequencies , these emotional frequencies when blocked by trauma vibrate on a low sound wave. These low vibrational waves will open you up to attracting low vibrational experiences into your life. Low vibrations can show up in your life in the form of physical pain, ill health, financial struggle, failed  relationships, heartache, heart break, abuse, physical pain and spiritual depression to name a few.

Many people, women especially, suffer from emotional trauma. I have helped many women experiencing pain from emotional abuse from being in a relationship with a narcissistic personality. The narcissist  has a way of pulling all the self worth, self love and self care from a woman, leaving her depleted and almost spirit – less. She becomes an empty shell of self.

Although emotional pain is real and can go on to damage your health in a detrimental way, sometimes it can become a crutch to a women making her lean on her pain, afraid to let go of painful and hurtful things that has happened to her in the past. Some women  will start adopting a victim mentality, bathing in the sounds of sympathy, carrying the burden of guilt, shame and sadness like a trophy. Lost is their laughter, their joy of spirit, they are just weighed down with an emotional ache that they relive everyday.

Suppressing toxic emotions will not get rid of toxic emotions. Every unhealthy and unwanted emotional pattern effecting the body is documented and stored in the cells. The body records and stores every experience or memory within its cells (cellular memory).

l have helped many women re- program their cellular memory, release stuck emotions, restore confidence and restructure  their lives. It is out with the old and in with the new, reversing emotional pain to emotional well being, restoring health to mind body and spirit by using  the art of reiki healing.

With the help of Reiki these women have been able to release trapped emotions, let go of painful events and realign with their soul purpose. Reiki has the ability to dig deep into the psyche to  find the root of the affliction that’s causing unbalance and dis-ease of mind body and spirit.

7 Benefits of Reiki

  1. Reiki has the ability to reduce stress and helps bring inner peace and harmony
    2.  Reiki  balances the mind and emotions
    3.  Reiki brings about mental and emotional clarity and enhances the memory
    4.  Reiki offers emotional relief during times of distress and sorrow by cleaning and clearing the emotions
    5.  Reiki opens the heart chakra to self love an care. It enhances your capability to love and helps you connect to others on a deeper level
    6.  Reiki promotes relaxation and triggers the bodies natural healing abilities
    7.  Reiki helps to get rid of energy blocks, it removes barriers to health that show up  as blockage in the body.

Remember that health is wealth !!! Self care is self love!

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