Spiritual bathing is a good way to cleanse not only your physical body but your spiritual body.as well. Taking a spirtual bath can be so rewarding, not only for it s relaxing andcleansing benefits, but it can remove toxicity, stale energies and blockages from the auretic field. Spiritual bathing helps bring inspiration to a depressed spirit and energy to a weakened mind and body. 

Taking a spiritual bath will help you to renew self and bring a healthy glow to your aura. It will give you the feel good factor and help you attract abundance. These baths are easy to prepare, the most important thing is your intention. What is the outcome you want from this bath?  Write it down, speak it out loud or silently! Next, choose what herbs, oils and crystals you are going to use that best suits your purpose. Bless all your ingredients and communicate your desired out-come to them. 

Have you ever wanted to take a spiritual bath but didn’t know how ? If so here is a spiritual bath ritual to get you started. Do this and it will make you feel brand new . 

You will need

Black (white) candle to obsorb dark negative energies 

Sacred incense / to cleanse and protect  space 

Protection bath salts / sheilds the aura 

Selected Herbs / to lift remove debris  from mind body and spirit 

Spirit oil / a blend of high vibration oils that repair the aura 

Charcoal / to burn the  sacred  incense 


STEP 1 Burn the sacred incense 15-30 mins prior to taking spiritual bath
STEP 2 Place the black tourmaline crystal in the bath and run the water
STEP 3 Add the bath-salts, the herb mixture and the spirit oil
STEP 4 Anoint candle with sacred oil and light (anoint candle centre to top of candle then from centre to bottom of candle) to repel.
STEP 5 Step in to the sacred waters and relax . Visulise all debris toxic waste leaving your aura.
STEP 6 Submerge fully into the healing waters 3 times

Make sure you stay in the bath for at least 20 mins. As you drain out the water, imagine all blockages and dark energies going down the drain with the water. Dry naturally, don’t dry with a towel. 

All oils, herbs, bath salts and crystals for this spiritual ritual bath can be purchased at scented Goddess 

Ase goddesses / gods.