Basil oil is not an easy oil to work with  because it works fast and gets right to the root of the problem. If you are using it, be prepared for a total mind, body and spirit detox. The forceful spirit of  basil opens you up to face the self and leaves nothing hidden so if your not ready to see yourself then basil is not for you …

Basil has been known as the king of herbs and does carry a royal air around it. You have the feeling of riches when using basil. Originated in India it also has been known as holy basil or tulsi hailing from the Greek word Basileus meaning king

Basil is complex in nature. You will only learn the essence of basil when you start to work closely with it. You become to see its soul nature and how to connect to its frequency of wealth and healing.

Let’s take a look at basil and see what  benifits it has on mind and spirit. Basil is the oil of transformation and renewal

It aleviates and alters moods

It’s a bridge for the sensual / spiritual nature

Basil oil is a great oil for comforting and soothing the heart

It’s an oil of wealth used in money drawing rituals

It is a stabiliser of emotions

It brings a sense of strength and confidence in oneself

In times of loss, heartbreak, sorrow or sadness, basil is a tranquil reliable ally. It will bring you to a place of harmony, you will experience a deep sense of peace an calm. It will help you to be still so you can gather your thoughts to think more clearly as it quiets the mind

Basil vibrational colour codes of teal green, coppery-turquoise, lavender, silver, tin and Peacock Blue works with the base, heart and crown chakras, connecting the upper heart chakra to the base and crown chakra. Also, Basil oil directly impacts on the sinus cavities opening up the throat chakra for expression of self.

Basil oil is straight to the point, milling out stale energies and emotions from the etheric body so use with caution.

A good way to introduce basil into your daily life is through drinking basil tea. Use fresh basil leaves and brew yourself a cuppa, Sip an relax. Other ways you can use Basil are:

Put few drops of basil oil to some carrier oil and use as a perfume, a delight for the senses

A foot bath with basil is a excellent remedy for tiredness and a lack of enthusiasm

Put several drops of basil oil in a diffuser and let the spirit of its scent bathe your home. This creates a peaceful atmosphere, to lift up depressing frequencies and bring harmony.