I love perfumes ! I love them so much that not only do I have a large collection of them, but I created my own special blends of vibrational scents . 

Yes ! in my search to find my  perfect scent I embarked  on a journey of unlocking the secret of scent , mastering the art of spiritual perfumery by tuning in an studying the energy vibrational frequency of scents. I wanted to know how they communicate with the mind body an spirit and the secret messages they send out to the bearer. 

I aloso wanted to find out how scent awakens the sensual senses and the magical connection of scent an the inner Goddess. Because  everything is energy, vibration and frequency I have embodied this in my perfumes, using the energy of reiki, an the spirt soul vibrations of plants,  oils and crystals, bringing in the elements, sacred sounds and symbols therefore making these perfumes frequencies vibrate on a universal rhythm. 

Scent is a very powerful spiritual healing tool . Essential oils have a similar frequency to the energy systems of the body (chakras) and the aurutic field making them an excellent conduit of energy to induce and ignite the healing process, their work on a cellular, physical, mental, emotional, sexual, sensual and spiritual level. 

Its my passion and my pleasure to combine perfume notes to make and mix, to infuse the magic of the fragrance and capture its essence, scent and the mystery of its smell and put them in a bottle for you to experience its  divine energy and spirit . I just always felt that there was something more magical in a scent than just smelling good. 

Perfume to me captivates the essence  ,the spirit of the feminine it embodies her nature, her personalities, her sexuality. she can be identified by her scent alone. 

“Oh ! how splendid will us women be when we wear the scent of our mystery” 

Throughout the ages the woman has remained mysterious, just like the moon and the sea. Even to this day all great goddesses ever known have always had a mysterious aura about them.  Soloman was the wisest man but he never knew the secret of a woman, I believe the secret is in her scent. 

So express yourself through scents and vibrational perfumes by the Scented Goddess. I make scents for the woman who dares to connect to her inner spirit and is prepared to shine. Contact me so that I can prepare your own custom scent.