Moonstone vibrates on a sensual frequency it makes you feel sensual and sexy and brings an attractive aura to your being.

Intuned to the energies of the moon it brings a mysterious hue around you. Moonstone is linked to the goddess Isis who is known as the queen of magic. So it comes as no surprise that Moonstone is also known to have magical properties and is used to draw love and luck to the bearer.

Moonstones pearly fervescent shine makes it magically beautiful to the eye too. It is a wonderful stone for women as it brings them closer to their inner goddess as well as working with the moon cycle.

Moonstone activates the throat chakra and connects you to your own inner truth, higher purpose and wisdom. It stimulates creativity by working with the sacral magnetic chakra.

Although moonstone is feminine in nature it has the ability to balance yin and yang energies making moonstone a good stone for men to also use.

6 other benifits  of moonstone

1: for emotional balance . Moonstone has a calming effect on the emotions

2; helps promote love an eroticism – by triggering the kundalini

3: relieves stress and anxiety

4; Enhances intuition

5; promotes spiritual growth

6; gives a sensual aura

How to use Moonstone

Wear or carry a moonstone to enhance femininity. You can wear moonstone as jewelry or place a moonstone in your pocket or bag. Put moonstone on your alter to imbue it’s magical energies.